Ligne de lavage de films LDPE

Solution de ligne de lavage de film LDPE pour les clients indonésiens

A highly efficient LDPE film washing line was customized to meet the needs of a customer in Indonesia….

A highly efficient LDPE film washing line was customized to meet the needs of a customer in Indonesia. The customer owns a plastics pelletizing plant, and this purchase includes a plastic scrap washing and drying machine designed to thoroughly wash and dry 1cm-sized pieces of LDPE film. Through detailed communication, we designed an exclusive solution for the customer to ensure that the moisture content of their processed material is less than 0.5%.

customer Needs Analysis

The customer wanted thorough cleaning and dewatering of LDPE film chips to ensure the quality of the final product. As a result, they needed a line that could effectively clean and dry plastic chips. Specific requirements included:

  • Plastic film washing machine that thoroughly removes dirt and impurities from films
  • Plastic flake dewatering machine capable of reducing the moisture content of debris to less than 0.5 percent
  • Ensure that fragments are not lost during processing, in particular preventing small fragments from escaping through the sieves

Solutions personnalisées

Based on the raw material specifications and requirements provided by the customer, we designed a solution that included a plastic film washing machine, a plastic flake dewatering machine, and customized drying ducts. To avoid the leakage of small fragments, we have installed specially customized screens in the dryer to ensure that all materials can complete the drying process smoothly.

LDPE Film Washing Line Shipment

The customized Ligne de lavage de films LDPE for the Indonesian customer not only meets the customer’s high standards for cleaning and drying results but also improves production efficiency through energy-saving design and customized solutions. We will continue to dedicate ourselves to providing high-quality equipment and solutions to our customers, if you are interested, you can leave a message on our website.