ligne de granulation de film plastique en Arabie Saoudite

1000KG/H plastic film granulation line Installed In Saudi Arabia

Shuliy Machinery’s plastic recycling project in Saudi Arabia has recently made new progress. A 1000kg/h plastic film granulation…

Shuliy Machinery’s plastic recycling project in Saudi Arabia has recently made new progress. A 1000kg/h plastic film granulation line has been successfully installed and commissioned with the assistance of our engineer Paul. This has ensured the smooth running of the equipment and provides a solid foundation for the next step in the project. Let’s find out more now.

Saudi Arabia Plastic Recycling Program Details

  • Installations: plastic film recycling machine
  • Production capacity: 1000kg/h
  • Raw material: waste plastic film
  • End product: plastic pellets
  • Delivery date: 25-30 days
  • Installation: On-site guided installation

Installation Of Plastic Film Granulation Line In Saudi Arabia

To ensure the smooth operation of the plastic film recycling machine in Saudi Arabia. Schulich Machinery’s technical team performs a comprehensive installation service process.

Before Installation

Before installation, we carefully considered the size of the customer’s plant and production requirements to ensure that the design of the plastic film granulation line adequately matched the space in the customer’s plant.

During Installation

Shuliy Machinery dispatched professional engineers to the installation site of the Saudi customer, who provided precise guidance and technical support to ensure a smooth installation process.

After installation

After the installation was completed, our engineers carefully debugged the machine. Through the trial run, the engineers made the necessary adjustments to the machine to ensure that the performance of the equipment was at its best.

Test Run Video Of Plastic Film Recycling Machine

The installation engineer sent a video of the test run of this plastic film granulation line from the production site. As you can see, the machine is very smooth from feeding to pellet output. The following video is for your reference.

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