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Vertical EPS Foam Compactor

The vertical EPS foam compactor is designed to handle EPS foam waste. It saves space by compressing the Styrofoam and converting it into high-density blocks. This article focuses on the working principle, features, and cases of the machine.

The vertical EPS foam compactor is a machine specially designed to process EPS foam waste. It converts waste Styrofoam into high-density blocks by compressing it, thereby reducing the space it occupies and facilitating storage and transportation.

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Introduction Of Vertical EPS Foam Compactor

EPS cold compactor usually consists of a compression chamber, hydraulic system, control panel, and so on. Its compact appearance and simple structure make it suitable for use in a variety of factory and warehouse environments. The compression chamber is well-designed to hold a large amount of foam, effectively improving work efficiency.

Working Principle Of EPS Cold Compactor

The principle of operation of a vertical EPS foam compactor is relatively simple and intuitive. First, the waste foam is placed into the compression chamber, then the hydraulic system is activated and pressure is applied to compress the foam into a smaller volume. Once the set compression density is reached, the compression process stops and the compressed foam blocks are conveyed out.

Features of Foam Compactor Machine

  • Efficient: capable of quickly compressing large quantities of foam into compact blocks.
  • Space saving: The compressed foam is significantly reduced in size, saving space for storage and transportation.
  • Easy to operate: the equipment is easy to operate and does not require complex training.
  • Customizability: According to customer needs, models with different specifications and functions can be customized.

EPS Cold Compactor Parameters

Model 300

  • Capacity (KG/H): 150
  • Power (KW): 11
  • Machine size (mm): 3000*1400*1400
  • Inlet size (mm): 1100*800

Model 400

  • Capacity (KG/H): 250
  • Power (KW): 22
  • Machine size (mm): 4600*1600*1600
  • Inlet size (mm): 1200*1000

In addition to the above two models of vertical EPS foam compactor, we also offer a wide range of other models or compacteur de mousse EPS horizontal to meet the needs of different customers. Machine size and output can be customized according to the customer’s specific requirements.

Cases of Vertical EPS Foam Compactor

Foam Compactor Machine Shipped to The USA

We are pleased to announce that our PSE foam compactor has been successfully shipped to the United States. This machine will provide this American customer with an efficient solution for foam waste treatment. We look forward to the customer’s feedback! Below are pictures of the machine shipping.

Vertical EPS Foam Compactor Sent To Malaysia

This customer from Malaysia is engaged in the foam recycling business, out of our trust, the customer has ordered three sets of EPS cold compactors from our company, the customer is very satisfied with our equipment, and said that the subsequent need will be with us again, which is the support and affirmation of us.