plastic film granulator

تم إرسال آلة تحبيب الأفلام البلاستيكية إلى كوت ديفوار

We are pleased to announce the imminent shipment of our plastic film granulator to Côte d’Ivoire! This is…

We are pleased to announce the imminent shipment of our plastic film granulator to Côte d’Ivoire! This is an important milestone for our company as it marks the second time that this important customer has chosen our products. Their continued trust in our brand is a testament to the quality of our machines and the excellent service we provide.

طلب العملاء

Our client in Côte d’Ivoire is committed to sustainable practices and was looking for a way to recycle their discarded PP plastic bags. They needed a machine that could efficiently convert these bags into high-quality recycled plastic pellets, which they could then sell to local plastic furniture companies.

Our Solutions

By communicating with the customer, we understand that they need to process plastic bags into plastic pellets, and the target output is 200kg/h. In response to the specific needs of our customers, we have customized a complete plastic granulating line solution that covers all aspects of plastic bag crushing, cleaning, and pelletizing.

Shipment Of Plastic Film Granulator

Below is a picture of the plastic film granulator being shipped.

Parameters of Plastic Granulating Line

Plastic bag shredderالموديل: SLSP-600
الطاقة: 22 كيلو وات
القدرة: 600-800 كجم/ساعة
السكاكين: 10 قطع
Knives Material: 60Si2Mn
آلة نزح المياه الأفقيةالطاقة: 11 كيلو وات
Diameter: 530mm H: 2.5m
Dry materials
Plastic granules making machineآلة صنع الحبيبات المضيفة
الموديل: إس إل-150
الطاقة: 37 كيلو واط
2.3m screw
Heat Method: ceramic heating
آلة تصنيع الحبيبات الثانية
الموديل: SL-125
الطاقة: 11 كيلو وات
طريقة التسخين: تسخين حلقة التسخين
Pellet cutting machineالطاقة: 3 كيلو واط
سكاكين هوب

Additional Details

  • The customer’s production capacity is 200kg/h.
  • The plastic granulating line will be used to recycle ص plastic bags.
  • Recycled plastic pellets will be sold to local plastic furniture companies.