granulador de plastico

Factores que afectan la calidad de los gránulos del granulador de plástico

The plastic granulator is an important piece of equipment that produces plastic pellets by heating, melting, extruding, cooling,…

The plastic granulator is an important piece of equipment that produces plastic pellets by heating, melting, extruding, cooling, and cutting waste plastic or plastic raw materials. The quality of plastic granules directly affects the performance and service life of downstream products.

Therefore, understanding and controlling the factors that affect the quality of plastic pelletizing recycling machine pellets is important for improving the overall quality of plastic products. In this article, we will discuss several key factors to help companies better control product quality in the production process.

Selection And Pretreatment Of Raw Materials

Purity of Raw Materials

Plastic raw materials with high purity can reduce the influence of impurities on the quality of pellets and avoid quality problems such as black spots and specks in the pellets. Therefore, when choosing raw materials, you should try to choose plastics with high purity.

Drying of Raw Materials

Moisture in the plastic raw material will be converted into air bubbles during the high-temperature extrusion process, thus affecting the denseness and surface quality of the pellets. Therefore, before pelletizing, the raw material should be fully dried to ensure that its moisture content meets the process requirements.

Performance of Plastic Granulator

Temperature Control System

The temperature control system of the plastic granulator directly affects the melting state and fluidity of the plastic. Too high or too low a temperature will affect the plasticizing effect of the plastic, which in turn affects the quality of the pellets. Therefore, a stable and accurate temperature control system is essential to ensure the quality of pellets.

Screw Design And Wear

The screw is the core component of a plastic granulator, and its design and wear directly affect the extrusion effect of plastic. Reasonable screw design and low wear can ensure uniform plasticization and stable extrusion of plastics, thus improving the uniformity and consistency of pellets.

Optimization Of Process Parameters

Extrusion Speed

Extruding too fast may lead to the plastic not being fully plasticized, while too slow may lead to the plastic remaining in the screw for too long and degradation. Therefore, it is necessary to reasonably adjust the extrusion speed of plastic granulators according to the characteristics of different plastic raw materials to ensure the quality of pellets.

Cooling Rate And Mode

Cooling is an important step in the molding of plastic pellets. Cooling too fast or too slow will affect the crystallinity and dimensional stability of the pellets. Using the proper cooling method and speed can improve the appearance quality and physical properties of the pellets.

There are various factors affecting the quality of plastic granulator pellets, including the selection and pretreatment of raw materials, the performance of equipment, and the optimization of process parameters. By comprehensively considering and reasonably controlling these factors, enterprises can effectively improve the quality of plastic granules, thus enhancing the performance and market competitiveness of downstream products.