Измельчитель пенополистирола: для измельчения отходов пенопласта.

Измельчитель пенополистирола

The EPS foam shredder is a machine suitable for crushing waste EPS foam such as insulated boxes and containers. This article describes the function, application and specifications of this machine.

The EPS foam shredder is an efficient and reliable solution when dealing with disposable lunch boxes, insulated boxes, foam liners for electronics, and other waste foam products. This machine is designed to crush waste foam products into small pieces for subsequent processing, transportation, or pelletizing.

машина для измельчения пенополистирола
машина для измельчения пенополистирола

Why Do You Need To Crush?

Waste foam products usually exist in larger blocks, and direct disposal or transportation not only occupies space but is also inefficient. This crushing process helps to reduce the volume of waste and facilitates storage and transportation while providing more convenient conditions for subsequent reuse or recycling. In addition, because of the large size of EPS foam, it must be crushed into small pieces before granulation.

Raw Materials For Foam Crushing Machine

The EPS foam shredder is suitable for a wide range of foam products including, but not limited to, disposable lunch boxes, insulated boxes, foam liners for electronic products, foam filling materials, and decorative foams. Whether the foam is made of polystyrene (EPS), polypropylene (EPP), or polyethylene (ЭПЕ), it can be effectively crushed and processed.

How Is The EPS Foam Shredder Applied?

The styrofoam shredder machine has versatile applications in the recycling production process. After crushing, the foam can be transported to a машина для уплотнения пены located behind the crusher. Here, the crushed foam is compacted into blocks, effectively saving storage space and facilitating transportation. In addition, for the needs of those who wish to pelletize the waste plastic foam, a plastic foam granulator can be configured behind the foam crushing machine.

EPS Foam Shredder Specifications

Inlet size(mm)800*6001000*6001200*6001500*800
Мощность (кВт)
Capacity (KG/H)250-300300-350400-450450-500
Parameter list of foam crushing machine

Styrofoam Shredder Machine Working Video

Styrofoam Shredder Machine Working Video

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