Завод по переработке ПЭТ-бутылок

Завод по переработке ПЭТ-бутылок

PET bottle recycling plant is a specialized equipment for recycling and processing waste PET bottles into bottle flakes. This article is a detailed introduction of PET bottle washing line This article is a detailed introduction to PET bottle washing line, including configuration, recycling process, parameters, cases and so on.

PET bottle recycling plant is a specialized equipment for recycling and processing waste PET bottles into bottle flakes. Through this line, we can efficiently convert waste PET bottles into high-quality bottle flakes for the re-production of PET bottles or other related products.

Our PET bottle washing line has an excellent production capacity of 500kg to 6000kg per hour, and we can customize the line’s equipment configuration and capacity according to customers’ needs. As a PET bottle recycling machine manufacturer, we not only provide complete line equipment but also include technical support and after-sales service to ensure that our customers are fully supported and safeguarded during the recycling process.

PET recycling plant

3D Video of PET Bottle Recycling Process

This video shows the recycling process for a 1000kg per hour PET bottle washing line. In addition, we offer solutions for larger capacities, such as a line that processes 3000kg per hour.

3D of PET bottle recycling plant

PET Bottle Recycling Plant Introduction

PET bottle washing line is a complete solution for PET bottle recycling, including a PET bottle label remover machine, PET bottle shredder, sink float separation tank, PET flakes hot washing machine, PET friction washing machine, and PET flakes dryer machine. The production line can not only recycle common PET bottles such as mineral water bottles and beverage bottles, but also process all kinds of PET containers, such as food packaging bottles and cleaning products bottles.

Customized PET Bottle Washing Plant

We are committed to providing customized PET bottle recycling plant solutions, not only can we customize the configuration, output, and appearance of the recycling line according to the customer’s needs, but we can also design a suitable PET bottle washing line placement plan according to the customer’s plant size and layout needs.

Regardless of the size of the customer’s plant, we can customize the optimal layout of the PET bottle recycling plant to make full use of the space ensure efficient operation of the equipment, and maximize production efficiency. Through well-designed placement solutions, we can not only maximize production efficiency, but also optimize workflow, improve equipment utilization, and bring greater convenience and benefits to our customers’ production operations.

Raw Material And Final Products

The PET bottle recycling plant is capable of processing used PET bottles such as cola bottles, beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, etc., and processing them into high-quality bottle flakes that can be used to produce PET bottles or other related products again. Through sophisticated processing technology, we ensure that the quality of bottle flakes produced is stable and meets the relevant standards and requirements.

PET Bottle Washing Plant Workflow

The recycling process includes steps such as de-labeling, shredding, floatation and sinking separation, hot washing, friction washing, and drying. Each step is carefully designed and adjusted to ensure optimal recycling results and productivity. From waste PET bottles to usable flakes, the entire process is efficient and environmentally friendly.

Линия мойки ПЭТ-хлопьев

Key PET Bottle Recycling Machine

Машина для удаления этикеток с ПЭТ-бутылок

Машина для удаления этикеток с ПЭТ-бутылок: This machine is designed specifically to remove labels from PET bottles. Equipped with multiple blades, it efficiently removes labels by rotating and cutting. Round bottles can achieve a label removal rate of 98%-99%, while flat bottles typically reach 85%-90%.

Машина для дробления ПЭТ-бутылок

Измельчитель ПЭТ-бутылок: The machine is specially designed to crush PET bottles into flakes for subsequent washing. The machine is available in a variety of models to meet the different output requirements of customers.

раковина поплавок пластиковое разделение

Sink float separation tank: The machine separates PET bottle flakes from PP, PE caps, or PVC labels. PET sinks due to its higher density, while PP and PE float. A screw conveyor at the bottom of the cleaning machine moves the PET flakes forward.

PET bottle flakes hot washing machine

Горячая стиральная машина для ПЭТ-хлопьев: The machine effectively cleans and decontaminates bottle flakes using hot water and detergent, usually at a temperature of 85°C to 95°C. The machine can also be used to clean and decontaminate bottles and flakes.

PET flakes friction washer

PET friction washing machine: The function of the machine is to subject PET flakes to friction and water in a rotating drum or chamber. This helps to remove stubborn contaminants from the surface of the bottle flakes.

горизонтальная сушилка

Сушилка для ПЭТ-хлопьев: The function of this machine is to remove the moisture from the cleaned PET bottle flakes and bring them to a dry state. By utilizing centrifugal force to remove moisture, the machine can effectively improve the drying of PET bottle flakes.

PET Bottle Recycling Plant Working Video

Complete recycling process for PET bottle recycling plant

PET Bottle Recycling Machine Price

As a PET bottle recycling machine manufacturer, we are well aware of our customers’ concerns about the price of PET bottle recycling plants. We offer a wide range of PET bottle recycling machine models and configurations, with prices varying based on factors such as equipment specifications, capacity, and features.

We are committed to offering competitive prices and ensuring that the performance and quality of the equipment can meet our customers’ needs. We also offer flexible payment options and personalized after-sales service to ensure our customers receive the best experience and support during purchase and use. Welcome to contact us for more information about PET plastic recycling machine prices and details.