PET flakes friction washer

Фрикционная шайба для хлопьев ПЭТ

PET flakes friction washer is a kind of equipment for cleaning PET bottle flakes, widely used in PET bottle flakes washing line. This article mainly introduces the role of the machine, parameters, and working principle.

PET flakes friction washer is a kind of equipment for cleaning PET bottle flakes. It adopts the principle of friction cleaning, through the high-speed rotation of the spindle to drive the friction plate and PET flakes contact friction, to remove the stains and impurities on the surface of the flakes. This equipment is usually used in the cleaning process of PET flake washing lines, which can effectively improve the quality and purity of recycled PET material.

Plastic Friction Washer Working Video

Application of PET flakes friction washer in PET bottle recycling

Application of PET Flakes Friction Washer

PET flakes friction washer is widely used in PET bottle flakes washing lines. Whether it is used beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, or other types of PET bottles, this equipment can quickly and effectively clean them, providing clean raw materials for the subsequent recycling process.

In addition to washing stains and impurities from the surface of PET bottle flakes, the machine, usually located behind the PET bottle flakes hot washing machine, removes the detergent brought out of the hot wash tank, ensuring that the recycled PET stock is clean and pure.

Friction Washer Working Principle

At the center of the PET flakes friction washer is a long, rapidly rotating shaft fitted with some angled panels/paddles. Its cylinder wall is equipped with many friction paddles. When working, the screw inside the main shaft rotates at high speed, driving the friction paddles to produce strong friction to remove the stains adhering to the bottle pieces. This process quickly removes all kinds of stains from the surface of the plastic pieces and ensures thorough washing.

Parameters Of Friction Washer

plastic friction washer
  • Capacity: 500-1000kg/h
  • Length: 3000mm
  • Мощность: 7,5 кВт
  • Out layer: 4mm
  • Толщина лезвия: 6 мм

Export Cases Of Friction Washer Machine

The order came from a Nigerian customer who was planning to add a friction washer machine to his existing PET flakes washing line, and after detailed discussions with the customer, we customized the height of the machine, the dimensions of the inlet and outlet, and the appearance of the machine to ensure that it would fit perfectly into the customer’s production line. Here is a picture of the machine.

фрикционная стиральная машина

Поставщик машин для переработки ПЭТ-бутылок

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