plastic baling machine

Plastic Baling Machine

The plastic baling machine is a professional equipment designed to efficiently compress and package various waste plastics or other materials. Our customers are mostly used for baling PET bottles and woven bags. This article is a detailed introduction of the machine, including application, working principle and so on.

The plastic baling machine is a professional equipment designed to efficiently compress and package various waste plastics or other materials. It uses hydraulic technology to quickly and efficiently compress waste into blocks, reducing their size significantly for transportation and storage.

We mainly provide two types of plastic recycling baler machines: horizontal and vertical. They are suitable for different recycling scenarios, and customers can choose the most suitable model according to their specific needs and output.

hydraulic PET bottle baling press

Application Of Plastic Baler Machine

Plastic baling machines are highly versatile and applicable as they can handle not only a wide range of plastic products but also a wide range of wastes such as waste cartons, حيوان أليف bottles, oil drums, woven bags, old clothes, textiles, wool, cotton, straw and so on. At the same time, plastic baler machines are usually highly customizable and can be tailored to specific customer needs and application scenarios to ensure the best baling results and user experience.

Working Video of Plastic Baling Machine

Plastic baler machine in the recycling of PET bottles

Working Principle Of Plastic Baler

  • Material loading: First, the plastic waste is loaded into the baling chamber ready for compaction.
  • Compaction mechanism: The core component of a plastic baler is its compaction mechanism, which is usually a powerful hydraulic cylinder or platen. These mechanisms exert tremendous pressure on plastic waste, effectively reducing its volume and increasing its density.
  • Bundling process: Once the plastic waste is compacted, the bundling process begins. Bundles are securely fastened using binding materials such as wire, twine, or plastic strapping. This careful bundling ensures that the bale remains intact during subsequent handling, transportation, and recycling.
  • Ejection and Removal: The final bale is ejected from the baling chamber, ready for subsequent processing or transportation to a recycling facility.

Classification of Plastic Recycling Baler Machine

Vertical balers and horizontal balers are two common types of plastic baling equipment that differ in their construction and use.

Vertical Baler

The main components of a vertical baler are arranged vertically to form a vertical baling chamber, which is usually narrower and taller. This structural feature makes it suitable for handling smaller volume materials such as plastic bottles, woven bags, etc., and can be advantageous in scenarios where efficient compaction is required to handle small volumes of plastic waste.

Parameter List

Here is the parameter information of some models of vertical balers for your reference.

Hydraulic power40Ton80Ton120Ton150Ton
Packaging size(LWH)720*720*300-1600mm1100*800*300-2000mm1100*1100*300-2100mm1100*1100*300-2100mm
Feed opening size1000*720mm1500*800mm2000*1100mm2400*1100mm
Vertical Baler Parameter List
Horizontal Baler

The baling chamber of a horizontal baler is placed horizontally, creating a horizontal baling space that is usually wider and shorter. This structural feature makes it suitable for handling bulky materials such as plastic sheets, oil drums, cardboard boxes, straws, etc. It can excel in scenarios where bulky plastic waste needs to be handled.

Parameter List
Power22kw, 3 HP, 380V30kw+4KW, 3 HP, 380V37kw+4KW, 3 HP, 380V45kw+4KW, 3 HP, 380V
Main nominal thrust1200KN1600KN1800KN2000KN
Feeding size1650mm*1100mm1650mm*1100mm2000mm*1100mm2000mm*1100mm
Bale size1100*900mm1100*1250mm1100*1300mm1100*1400mm
Horizontal Baler Parameter List

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In addition to the plastic baling machines we offer, we also offer the plastic bale opener, specifically designed to open plastic blocks bundled in balers. This machine quickly breaks up the bundled plastic blocks so that they can be smoothly fed into the plastic recycling line. The equipment in this segment ensures that the plastic recycling process is efficient and runs smoothly.