PET bottle crushing machine

PET Bottle Crushing Machine

The PET bottle crushing machine is a specialized equipment for crushing waste PET bottles into pieces. This article is a detailed introduction to the machine, including its working principle, structure, specifications, price and so on.

The PET bottle crushing machine is a piece of equipment specifically designed to crush and process discarded PET bottles, a common type of plastic bottle used to package beverages, food, and other liquid products. A PET bottle crusher cuts discarded PET bottles into small pieces or shards through mechanical force, making them easier to clean and reprocess at a later stage.

Our PET bottle crusher machine is made of high-quality steel, with sharp and durable blades and sturdy structure, which can run stably for a long time. Its design focuses on easy operation and maintenance, ensuring that users can easily use and maintain the equipment.

PET shredder machine

PET Shredder Machine Working Video

PET Shredder Machine Working Video

Raw Materials And Finished Products

The raw material for PET bottle crushing machines is waste PET bottles which can be empty bottles from various consumer products such as beverages, food, detergents, etc. PET bottles usually have a transparent, semi-transparent, or colored appearance, and they are collected and sorted before being fed into the PET shredder machine for processing.

The finished product of the PET bottle crushing machine is PET plastic chips, PET plastic chips usually have irregular shapes and sizes, they are processed by the crusher, and can be used for recycling, such as as raw materials for the manufacture of new PET bottles, textiles, building materials and so on.

Structure of PET Bottle Crushing Machine

PET shredder machine usually consists of main components such as a feed inlet, cutting tool, rotor, screen, reducer, motor, discharge port, and body. These components work together to enable discarded PET bottles to be processed through cutting, crushing, and screening, ultimately transforming them into renewable PET plastic fragments.

How Does The PET Bottle Crusher Works?

Plastic bottle crusher machine works by utilizing mechanical force to cut and crush waste PET bottles into small pieces or fragments. Its working process usually includes the following steps:

  • Feed: Waste PET bottles are put inside the plastic bottle crusher machine through the feed opening. These bottles may be pre-treated, such as removing labels, caps, and other debris, for better subsequent shredding.
  • Crushing: After the PET bottle enters the machine, the rotor begins to rotate, driving the knives mounted on it to perform cutting and crushing operations. The knives rotate at a high speed and cut the PET bottles into small pieces or fragments.
  • Screening: The crushed PET chips are passed through a screen, which serves to ensure that only PET plastic chips of the right size pass through.
  • Discharge: The screened PET bottle flakes are discharged from the PET bottle crushing machine through the outlet or into the next recycling step.

Plastic Bottle Crusher Machine Specifications

Here is the specification information of several hot models of PET bottle crushing machines for your reference. Our machines can be customized according to customer’s requirements, such as screen size, machine appearance, and so on.

Capacity (kg/h)50010001500
Motor (kW)223775
Height (m)
Thickness of the knife (mm)304040
Plate thickness (mm)162030
Plastic Bottle Crusher Machine Specifications

How To Maintain PET Shredder Machine?

To ensure the long-term stable operation and efficient work of the PET bottle crushing machine, regular maintenance, and repair are required. Here are some common ways to maintain a plastic bottle crusher machine:

  • Keep it clean: Regularly clean all parts of the PET shredder machine, especially the parts that tend to accumulate debris, such as knives, screens, and feed ports. Keeping the machine clean inside and out will help avoid the accumulation of debris and maintain the smooth operation of the components.
  • Regular lubrication: For parts that need to be lubricated, such as rotor bearings, reducer, etc., add the right amount of lubricant or grease regularly basis to reduce friction and wear and prolong the service life of the parts.
  • Check and tighten Bolts: Regularly check the various connecting parts and bolts of the PET bottle crushing machine to make sure that they are tightened securely to avoid loosening or detachment that may cause instability or damage to the machine.
  • Regular replacement of worn parts: Regularly check the knives, screens, and other parts that are easy to wear, and replace them in time once they are found to be worn or damaged, to ensure the normal operation of the machine and the efficiency of crushing.

Plastic Bottle Crusher Machine Price

When considering the plastic bottle crusher machine price, various factors come into play. These may include the machine’s capacity, features, brand reputation, and market demand. Generally, prices can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on the model and specifications.

We offer a wide range of PET bottle crushing machines as well as complete PET bottle recycling solutions at prices that vary according to the specifications and features of the equipment. We are committed to providing high-quality products to meet the needs of our customers and offer them competitive prices. We endeavor to provide our customers with the best quality solutions regardless of the size of their budget.