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EPE EPS Foam Recycling Machine

The Shuliy foam recycling machine processes waste EPE EPS foam into pellets, which can be processed into a form that is easier to store and saves space for transportation. This article mainly introduces the related foam recycling machine and the working principle and so on.

Our foam recycling machine is capable of processing waste foam into plastic pellets for easy reuse. The whole plastic foam pelletizing line contains several key machines, which mainly include a plastic foam crusher, plastic foam granulator, and plastic pellet cutting machine. Next, we will introduce the EPS foam recycling process and related foam recycling machines in detail.

Foam Pelletizing Video

Processing of pearl cotton into granules

Styrofoam Recycling Machine Raw Materials

The styrofoam recycling machine can process pearl cotton, insulated boxes, disposable foam lunch boxes, foam pads, foam packaging materials, and so on. It can process many types of foam raw materials such as EPE, EPS, etc. It provides an effective solution for the recycling of waste foam.

Final Product

After crushing and pelletizing processes, waste foam materials can be processed into plastic pellets, as shown in the figure below.

plastic foam pelletizing line Equipment

Plastic Foam Crusher

Discarded foam is usually fluffy and occupies a larger volume. Plastic foam crushers can help increase the efficiency of reuse by breaking up the foam into smaller particles. The fragmented foam is more easily heated, compressed, or pelletized in subsequent processes to convert it into recycled feedstock.

styrofoam shredder machine
styrofoam shredder machine
Plastic Foam Granulator

The waste foam material is heated and melted through the machine and extruded in long plastic strips through the die head. We have two types of machines, EPS granulator and EPE granulator, which are specialized in these two types of materials.

Plastic Cooling Tank

Cooling tanks are used to cool and solidify long strips of plastic extruded from the plastic foam granulator for subsequent cutting into smaller pellets.

Plastic Pellet Cutting Machine

This plastic pellet cutting machine is used to cut long strips of plastic into uniformly sized pellets.

plastic pellet cutting machine

Other Foam Recycling Machines

EPS Hot Melting Machine

The EPS hot melting machine is used to heat and melt the EPS waste, and at the same time use the pressure system to extrude the melted EPS plastic to form a homogeneous molten mass. The volume can be reduced for subsequent storage, transportation, and reuse.

EPS hot melting machine
Styrofoam Compactor Machine

The main function of the styrofoam compactor machine is to compress waste EPS foam, reducing its volume significantly and converting it into reusable raw materials, such as higher-density blocks.

Foam Recycling Machine Related Cases

EPS Hot Melting Machine Shipped to Malaysia

Malaysia customer ordered a SL-1000 hot melt machine with a capacity of 200-250kg/h. The following picture shows the delivery of the machine.

EPS hot melting machine shipped to Malaysia
EPS hot melting machine shipped to Malaysia
Styrofoam Compactor Machine Exported to USA

The American customer ordered an SL-400 model cold press with a capacity of 300kg/h. The following picture shows the packing and transportation of the machine.

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