plastic shredder machine

Plastic Shredder Machine

Plastic shredder machine is used to crush all kinds of waste plastics into plastic sheet, the output range is 500-1000kg/h. This article is a detailed introduction of this machine, including its function, working principle, structure, etc.

The plastic shredder machine is a kind of mechanical equipment specialized in processing waste plastic products. It breaks down discarded plastic products into plastic sheets by crushing them with specially designed blades, which is convenient for subsequent washing and granulation.

The standard output of this waste plastic crusher is 500-1000kg/h, and we offer a wide range of models to meet the needs of different customers. Welcome to leave your message on our website form, we will give you the most detailed information to help you choose the most suitable equipment.

Working Video of Waste Plastic Crusher

Plastic shredder machine that can crush all kinds of waste plastics

Raw Materials Of Plastic Shredder Machine

Our plastic recycling shredders are capable of handling all types of plastics, covering a wide range of common plastic materials including but not limited to PP, PE, HDPE, PVC, PS, PET, and more. Whether it is soft plastics such as plastic bags, woven bags, agricultural film, industrial film, or hard plastics such as plastic drums, plastic bottles, pipes, plastic baskets, and food containers, our equipment can handle them all with ease.

Waste Plastic Crusher Crushing Effect

The following picture shows the effect after crushing, we can adjust the size of the plastic flakes according to the customer’s requirement.

Working Principle Of Plastic Recycling Shredder

The plastic waste crusher machine is driven by an electric motor to rotate the movable knife disk at high speed. In the process of high-speed rotation of the movable knife, and the fixed knife to form a relative movement, this movement makes the movable knife and the fixed knife between the gap, the gap formed by the plastic cutting, large pieces of plastic broken into small particles.

Parameters Of Plastic Shredder Machine

We supply a wide range of hot-selling models of plastic waste crusher machines, covering the following popular models and their parameters. In addition, we offer a wide range of other models to meet different output and processing needs.

We encourage you to choose the right plastic recycling shredder model for your business to ensure optimal productivity and efficiency. Please feel free to contact us for more models and details!

Motor power30kw45kw55kw
The Number of knives10pcs10pcs10pcs
Material of knives60Si2Mn60Si2Mn60Si2Mn
Parameters Of Plastic Shredder Machine

Features of Waste Plastic Crusher

High efficiency and low noise: Our plastic waste crusher machine is known for its high efficiency and low noise. Adopting alloy steel blades ensures stable operation for a long time, which reduces maintenance costs and improves productivity.

Energy saving and environmental protection: In the shredding process, it can be cooled by adding water, which effectively reduces the generation of friction heat. This is not only conducive to reducing energy consumption but also extends the service life of the blade and reduces the frequency of blade replacement, thus reducing the production cost.

Flexible customization: the screen of the plastic shredder machine can be customized according to the characteristics of different materials to ensure the suitability of different materials and an accurate screening effect. This flexible customized design makes the plastic recycling shredder able to cope with diversified production needs.

plastic recycling shredder machine

The Role Of Waste Plastic Crusher Screen

The screen plays a key role in a plastic waste crusher machine as it is responsible for sieving the plastic particles produced during the process for different particle sizes. Once the plastic waste has been cut, the particles will fall into the screen.

After being sifted through the screen, the plastic pellets that meet the correct size requirements will pass through and move on to the next process. Those particles that are larger than the screen size will continue to be crushed inside the screen until the desired particle size is reached.

For soft materials, the screen size is usually about 40-50 mm, while for hard materials, the screen size of plastic shredder machine is usually between 20-26 mm. The sizes can be customized according to the customer’s raw materials and needs.

Plastic Shredder Machine For Sale

As a plastic recycling machine manufacturer, we not only provide high-quality plastic waste crusher machines but also cover a wide range of equipment such as plastic granulation equipment, PET bottle recycling equipment, and so on. We are committed to providing customers with all-around solutions, tailoring the most suitable equipment and processes according to their processing needs.