Plastic washing tank

Plastic Washing Tank

The purpose of the plastic washing tank is to thoroughly clean the crushed plastic waste, effectively removing dirt, sand and other impurities from the surface. This article mainly describes the application, structure, and parameters of this machine.

Plastic washing tank, as one of the core equipments in plastic recycling washing plant, plays a vital role in the process of waste plastic recycling. It is designed to thoroughly clean the crushed plastic waste, effectively removing dirt, sand, and other impurities adhering to the surface, and providing clean raw materials for subsequent processing steps.

PP PE plastic washing tank

Introduction of Plastic Washing Tank

These plastic film washing machines are usually made of strong and durable stainless steel or iron plates to ensure long-term stable operation. Their structure is designed to be flexible and a wide range of models can be selected according to customer needs. The tanks are equipped with several agitating wheels that rotate and agitate to evenly distribute and continuously move the plastic debris, allowing the waste material to be transferred from one end to the other in the tank, thus achieving a comprehensive cleaning effect.

Application Video Of Plastic Film Washing Machine

Application of plastic washing tank in the recycling of plastic film

Application Of PP PE Plastic Washing Tank

PP PE plastic washing tank is widely used in plastic recycling washing plants, which can effectively clean plastic bags, woven bags, and other film plastics, and is also suitable for plastic flake cleaning.

The equipment can be flexibly configured according to the customer’s specific needs: if the raw material is relatively clean, only one plastic film washing machine can be equipped; if the customer has higher requirements for the quality of the final product or the raw material is dirty, two plastic rinsing tanks can be considered. This flexibility allows our equipment to meet the needs of different customers, providing an efficient and reliable solution for the plastics recycling and washing process.

plastic chips washing machine

Structure Of Plastic Film Washing Machine

The construction of the plastic washing tank is designed to be simple and robust, made of strong and durable stainless steel or steel. The whole consists of several stirring wheels, a water tank, and a drain. The agitator wheels rotate to mix and clean the plastic parts and transport them smoothly to the other end of the tank. The length of the machine can be customized to ensure perfect adaptation to a variety of production lines with different outputs.

Plastic Chips Washing Machine Parameters

  • Type: SL-150
  • Capacity: 100-500kg/h
  • Length: 15-20m
  • Quantity of rotating wheel: 10
  • Distance between every two wheels: 1.5-2m
  • Customization: Support for customization

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