PET bottle washing line

Discover The Process Of PET Bottle Washing Line

PET bottle washing line is a kind of production line for recycling and washing waste PET bottles. It…

PET bottle washing line is a kind of production line for recycling and washing waste PET bottles. It is an important link in the recycling and processing of plastic bottles, aiming at converting waste PET bottles into clean, raw materials for subsequent reuse or reprocessing after washing and processing.

Working Video Of PET Flakes Washing Plant

The following video shows the PET flakes washing plant in operation, and you can see the PET bottle recycling process.

PET Bottle Washing Line Workflow

Label removal: First, PET bottles enter the PET label remover machine, which is the first step in the entire cleaning process. The machine effectively removes labels from PET bottles.

Bottle crushing: Next, the plastic bottle shredder machine crushes the bottles into small pieces.

Separation of bottle flakes and caps: After crushing, PET bottles enter the sink float separation tank. Here, the flakes and caps are effectively separated. This is a key step in the cleaning process.

Hot water cleaning: After separation, the bottle flakes enter the hot washing tank. The high temperature of the hot water effectively cleans the surface of the bottles and ensures that they meet hygienic standards. This step not only helps to clean but also helps to kill any bacteria that may be present.

Friction cleaning: Next, the bottle flakes pass through the friction washing machine. The machine utilizes a highly efficient cleaning technology that thoroughly cleans the surface of the bottle flakes.

Dewatering: Finally, the cleaned bottle flakes enter the plastic dewatering machine. The dryer removes the water from the surface of the bottle flakes completely through the dewatering process to ensure that they are dry and meet the requirements for reuse.

PET flakes washing line

PET Bottle Washing Line Manufacturer

As a PET bottle washing line manufacturer, we are committed to providing efficient and reliable PET bottle washing solutions. Utilizing advanced processes and technologies, our PET flakes washing plants are carefully designed to thoroughly clean discarded PET bottles and turn them into high-quality recycled raw materials. Our washing line process includes de-labeling, crushing, separating, hot washing, friction washing, rinsing, and drying, each of which is carefully designed and optimized to ensure the best cleaning results. Contact us for a customized PET bottle washing line solution!