Trommel For PET Bottles

Trommel For PET Bottles

The Trommel For PET Bottles is a pre-treatment machine designed for plastic bottle recycling lines. Its main function is to remove sand, stones, metals and other impurities from PET bottles.

Trommel For PET bottles is a pre-treatment equipment designed for PET bottle recycling lines. Its main function is to remove sand, stones, metals, and other impurities from PET bottles before the material enters the crushing and washing process to ensure the purity and quality of the final recycled material.

How Does It Work?

The trommel for PET bottles utilizes a simple yet effective working principle. It is a large cylindrical mesh tunnel with an internal flap structure. When PET bottles enter the machine, the flap constantly flips and guides the PET bottles forward as the Trommel slowly rotates.

During this process, the small holes on the screen can effectively filter out unwanted impurities such as broken glass, while the PET bottles will pass through the screen smoothly without falling. In this way, PET bottles can be cleanly separated, providing clean raw materials for subsequent recycling processes.

Application of Trommel For PET Bottles

Application of tumbler screen in PET bottle recycling line

Features Of Trommel for PET bottle recycling

  • Inclined setting: To allow PET bottles to move forward smoothly, the tumbler screen is usually set in an inclined position.
  • Tumbler structure: The core component of the tumbler screen is a rotating drum with sieve holes. The rotating motion of the drum causes the bottles to turn and roll continuously, thus achieving efficient screening and separation.
  • Adjustable tilting angle: To adapt to different capacities and bottle characteristics, the tilting angle of some trommel screens can be adjusted to optimize screening efficiency and effectiveness.
trommel for PET bottles recycling

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