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Foam Compactor Machine Shipping To The United States

Recently, a foam compactor machine model SL-300 is about to be shipped to the United States to help…

Recently, a foam compactor machine model SL-300 is about to be shipped to the United States to help customers efficiently process waste EPS foam materials. This machine is the latest EPS foam compactor produced by our company, which is specially designed to meet the customer’s demand for processing large amounts of waste foam materials. Through professional communication and a detailed introduction by the sales manager, the customer finally chose this machine. Now, the machine has been produced and is ready to be packed and shipped.

EPS foam compactor

Customer Needs and Communication

This customer from the United States produces a large amount of EPS foam waste in their daily operation and urgently needs an efficient way to reduce the volume of waste and improve processing efficiency. Through several communications with our sales manager, the customer learned about the functions and output of different models of foam compactor machines. After weighing many factors, the customer decided to order the SL-300 model.

Foam Compactor Machine Parameters

Model SL-300 EPS foam compactor can handle 300 kilograms of EPS foam material per hour, featuring high efficiency, energy saving, and easy operation. The equipment adopts advanced compaction technology to compress loose foam into high-density blocks, which greatly reduces the volume of foam waste, thus reducing transportation and storage costs. Here is the detailed information about the machine.

  • Model: SL-400
  • Capacity: 300kg/h
  • Machine size: 3200*1600*1600mm
  • Input size: 870*860mm
  • Power: 22kw
  • Voltage: 480v 60hz three-phase

Equipment Production And Shipment Preparation

The production of the SL-300 foam compactor machine has been completed. All the performance indexes of the equipment meet the design requirements, which ensures efficiency and stability in the process of the customer’s use.

At present, the EPS foam compactor is ready to be packed and shipped and is expected to arrive at the customer in the United States soon. Our staff is carrying out the final packing and crating work to ensure the safety and integrity of the equipment during transportation.