PVC pelletizing line

PVC Pelletizing Line Successfully Delivered To Oman

We are pleased to announce that our latest PVC pelletizing line has been successfully delivered to Oman. This…

We are pleased to announce that our latest PVC pelletizing line has been successfully delivered to Oman. This delivery not only demonstrates our expertise in the field of plastic waste recycling machine manufacturing but also marks the beginning of a new partnership with our Omani customers. The key elements of this project and its significance are described in detail in this article.

Project Background

Client Need

This Omani customer is in the plastic recycling business for the first time and plans to start a plastic recycling plant. Their raw material was waste PVC plastic, which they intended to process into plastic pellets. Due to the lack of relevant experience, the customer encountered many problems. We patiently answered the customer’s various questions and provided detailed technical support. The customer was very satisfied with our professionalism and service and finally chose us as their plastic waste recycling machine supplier.

Customized Solutions

According to the customer’s specific needs and raw material characteristics, we designed a set of customized a PVC pelletizing line for him. The production line includes a high-efficiency plastic scrap shredder machine, plastic chips washing machine, plastic granulator machine, pellet cutting machine, and other equipment. The complete plastic waste recycling machine is highly integrated, easy to operate, and capable of producing high-quality PVC pellets stably.

Successful Delivery & Installation

Successful Delivery Of PVC Pelletizing Line

After strict production and quality inspection, this set of plastic waste recycling machines was manufactured and delivered to Oman on schedule. During transportation, we took multiple protective measures to ensure that the equipment arrived at the customer’s site safely and without damage. The following is the on-site video taken by the customer.

Professional Installation & Commissioning

We will send a team of experienced engineers to Oman to be responsible for the installation and commissioning of the equipment. The engineers assembled the equipment in strict accordance with the operation specification and conducted a comprehensive test on the whole PVC pelletizing line to ensure its stable operation in actual production.