PE waste plastic pelletizing line

Linha de pelotização de resíduos de plástico PE enviada para Moçambique

A customer from Mozambique recently chose our company’s PE waste plastic pelletizing line again. This customer has previously…

A customer from Mozambique recently chose our company’s PE waste plastic pelletizing line again. This customer has previously purchased our plastic washing recycling line and this time they have purchased equipment for processing LDPE and HDPE plastics. The customer was previously satisfied with our equipment and had full trust in our company, so they chose our equipment again.

Necessidades e soluções do cliente

The customer is a plastic recycling industry practitioner and has its plastic recycling factory. This time it is to expand the business, the raw material that the customer handles this time is LDPE HDPE hard plastic, we provide the customer with an equipment program that suits its production scale and raw material characteristics. During the communication, we carefully solved the problems raised by the customer and offered him a certain discount.

PE Recycling Machine Sent to Mozambique

The PE waste plastic pelletizing line shipped to Mozambique consists of two plastic recycling pellet machines, two plastic cooling tanks, two plastic pellet cutting machines, and one horizontal dryer, here are the pictures of the machines.

Parameters Of PE Waste Plastic Pelletizing Line

Below you will find detailed specifications for each machine of the PE waste plastic pelletizing line, in addition to accessories such as control cabinets, blades, heaters, and more.

The following parameter table is for your reference, we are an experienced plastic recycling plant manufacturer in China, and if you are interested in our equipment or have any questions, you can contact us immediately.

Host pellet-making machineModelo: SL-150
Potência: 37 kW
2.3m screw
Método de calor: aquecimento cerâmico
250 Hard tooth surface reducer
Second pellet-making machineModelo: SL-125
Potência: 11kw
1.3 screw
Método de aquecimento: aquecimento do anel de aquecimento
Material do parafuso: 40Cr
Tanque de resfriamento de plásticoLength: 3m
Material: stainless steel
Plastic pellet cutting machinePotência: 3kw
Facas de fogão
Horizontal dryerPotência: 11kw1